The Year of the Selfie!

2018 will be the year of the selfie!!

I’m sure, like, officially, 2015 or something was declared the Year of the Selfie. Whatever. I’m not speaking Nationally or anything. I’m talking about ME!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it every day until I die: I love New Year’s Resolutions. I think they’re awesome. It’s a fresh start! A set date. It’s completely arbitrary. You can resolve to make changes in your life at any point. You also can fuck up and get back to it. So when people say they’ve failed at their resolutions the second week of January, well, that’s a defeatist mentality.

I have a few new resolutions this year.

  • Read more books than I did last year (going great so far)
  • Write more (fingers crossed I actually do this one!)
  • Save money
  • blah
  • blah
  • blah

But one that I’ve been enjoying (and crushing!) is taking a selfie a day. It’s pretty simple. I take a picture of myself every day no matter what. If I haven’t washed my hair or I haven’t done my makeup, it doesn’t matter. Take a selfie. I’m keeping them all in an album. It’s going to be so awesome when it’s been a full year!

Challenges so far:

  • I’m goofy as hell. I can’t seem to keep a straight face.
  • I’m hard on myself. I have acne scars. I have a wide face. My hair is flat.

I’m hoping that by keeping up the selfies that I will be less hard on myself. I’m pretty okay looking. Pus, I’m hella smart and funny.


Wow. 2017 was a NIGHTMARE

It’s 2018…seriously. I hardly wrote anything last year. Sorry about that.

Last year SUCKED!! I honestly can’t keep track of the last year. It somehow flew by and also felt like it lasted 100 years.


Did I accomplish my 2017 resolutions? No. Not all of them. I did do fairly well with my mental health. In fact, I graduated from therapy! Sort of. It got to a point where I didn’t need it anymore. I learned enough to sort things out of my own. Not to brag you guys, but I’m smart.

And I read a lot of books. Mostly good ones. Some that weren’t very good. We don’t need to dwell on that.

Some of the best things I did in 2017:

I joined a bookclub! That’s where most of the good books I read came from.

I went to Portland. You guys, it’s cold there in February.

I graduated from therapy. I already talked about that…

I’m having trouble finding more awesome things I did. I’m sure there were good things. But honestly, 2017 mostly sucked. I’m happy to see it go. I’m hoping to make 2018 better, because it doesn’t seem like anyone else is trying.